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Whatever you need, whatever your budget, we can help promote your business online.

promoting your website

a tailored solution

Every business is different, so we will discuss your requirements, and create a promotion plan that fits your budget. We work on a monthly, per hour basis, so you have regular monthly outgoings.

search engine optimisation

This is always the first consideration when we create a website, and involves brainstorming, considering customer needs, researching keywords and finally writing quality copy for your website.

link building

There are a number of ways to build highly effective inbound links to your website. We can help manage your link building strategy.

email marketing

We can create effective email campaigns using your own email list, or purchased lists.

social marketing

With the rise of social websites such as utube an myspace come exciting marketing possibilities. Blogging and viral marketing are other ways to promote your business.


Web stats come as standard with most of our hosting packages. You can purchase additional reports which can include tracking of sales or other customer actions. Please contact us for more information and pricing on this.
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