I gave a presentation this morning to the club about the key elements of our hosting package. A customer asked me a few weeks ago what hosting was, so it seemed like an important and useful thing to talk about.

I am very proud of the hosting the Lycosa provides, and wanted to fully explain all the features that our customers get, out of the box. It was a challenge to fit it all in to just 10 minutes. It was also a challenge to make it interesting and not too technical. Most people don’t really understand how it all works, and mostly don’t care either!

So I witled it down to ten minutes, clearly and simply explaining the key features that really make our hosting stand out. And they all and seemed interested and understood it. Apart from Ann, who does upholstery and is lovely, but couldn’t care less about computers. She piped up at the end and said, “can you say that all again please!”. She wouldn’t understand it second time around! Bless her.

It’s true to say that you don’t know what you don’t know. By focusing on a very important part of the Lycosa service, I was able to engage with people on a different level. They probably didn’t know that we offer web hosting, and certainly not the quality that we provide. It will have opened people’s eyes to what we offer, and what is available. Some of them might go away and start asking questions about their own website, and it may lead to more business. Which is great, but unlikely I suspect. It is more of a conversation opener.

The 20 people there today will hopefully have a better understanding and appreciation of what web hosting is, and how important it is to get right. And they will go about their day and possibly have a conversation with someone at some point about websites and hosting. And maybe they will recommend Lycosa. That’s how networking works.

Thanks to Driffield & District Business Club for the opportunities it offers to its members.

If you are interested in joining the club, head over to their website


Phil from Lycosa enjoying a pint after completing the Great North Run

We have no pictures of me doing the presentation, so here’s one of me having a well deserved pint after running the Great North Run!

The Driffield & District Business Club

The Driffield & District Business Club meets every other Friday at the Driffield Golf Club at 7.30am for breakfast and networking. It is an informal and friendly group, created by Jim Ezard and Steve Brown who felt that other networking organisations were too strict and formal. The club non-profit, and membership is very cheap at just £65 p.a. currently, with all money spent on the members.

At the breakfast meeting, members can stand up and talk for 1 minute about their business. They are also offered the opportunity to do a 10 minute presentation about their business once or twice a year, depending on membership numbers. This helps the members to get to know each other’s businesses on a deeper level.


Currently we have 34 members

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