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Here are just a sample of some of the websites that we have created over the last few years. There is a mix of types, ecommerce, simple brochure and some with more complex requirements.

Driffield RUFC

We were asked to build a website for Driffield Rugby Union Football Club (DRUFC) which should be easy to navigate and provide information for players and prospective venue hire.

The league tables needed to be dynamically imported from the England Rugby website and re-formatted for the club site.

Different club members needed access to update different areas of the website, which we were able to do.

Lycosa built a website for Driffield RUFC

East Riding Vintage

We built a website for East Riding Vintage who needed to display lots of pictures of their numerous cars.

As all the cars are absolutely beautiful, and mainly used for weddings, there were lots of great photos to choose from.

The layout of the website needed to be simple and clear so that visitors can easily see the different types of cars and get in touch.

Lycosa built a website for East Riding Vintage hire cars

Health Transformers

This website was a complex one, featuring online sales, membership and repeat billing needs.

The website needed a membership area which shows various videos and health information and allows members to chat with one another.

This was all possible by tweaking WordPress plugins to make them work nicely with each other.

Lycosa built a website for Health Transformers

Mirror Doors Direct

The brief for this website was to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase mirror doors online.

We came up with a sales page which was rather complex to build, but meets the brief perfectly.

Within just a few clicks, a customer can make all the necessary selections and purchase the doors with their credit card.

Lycosa built a website for Mirror Doors to sell wardrobe doors online


RooDog manufacture and sell electric bikes and needed a website to generate more business.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of information about each of the different styles of bike they sell. We had to think carefully about the structure of the website to help people make a buying decision. Each bike page gives the user the chance to make a purchase.

With high quality photography and videos, this website really stands out.

Lycosa built a website shop for RooDog electric bikes

Carrie Martin

Carrie wanted a website that was more direct and to the point, with less text and more music.

She also wanted to have a blog which she can update to keep in touch with her fans.

It was a pleasure working with Carrie, and she had all the necessary photos, videos and text ready to go, which always makes things easier!

Lycosa built a website for Mirror Doors to sell wardrobe doors online

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