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We use only the very best state-of-the-art technology to ensure your website stays online, and can handle as many visitors as you can!


Competitive pricing means we can offer a superb hosting service at very affordable prices.

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hosting features

Our web hosting is powered by cutting-edge technologies -- providing you with consistent, ultra-fast website speeds.

The most significant thing about our hosting is that we have our entire servers replicated in a secondary data centre. If anything happens to the main servers, the secondary servers will take over within 30 seconds. Everything is backed up daily to a separate storage area. All network communications are optimised throughout the data centre to achieve the highest possible speeds. Our servers have RAID1 storage, which duplicates the main hard drive to a secondary hard drive. This allows the server to continue normal operation even if the hard drive fails.
  • Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Dual OC-48 Connectivity
  • UPS Battery Backups
  • Dual Diesel Generators
  • Liebert Air Conditioning
  • APC Remote Reboot Port

no generic brands

We use only the best quality hardware, so you can be sure of top performance and reliability.
  • Kingston Memory
  • Seagate Hard Drives
  • Intel MotherBoards
  • 80Plus Power Supplies
  • APC Power Distributors
  • Cisco Routers & Switches

domains, £15 per 2 years
.com, .org, .net £30 per 2 years £65 per 2 years

We automatically renew domains so you won't lose them. It is important to note that, should a domain not be renewed for some reason, there will be an additional charge to re-instate the domain once it has gone past its renewal date. This charge depends on the type of domain, but can be upto £100 on top of the domain renewal cost.

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